As heart-ache looms, Fredhead recriminations against the media begin

The shirt-rending won’t start in earnest until tomorrow night but why not join See-Dub and Patterico by getting a jump on it? This critique of the style-over-substance media is typically the lament of lefties looking for excuses as to why more socialist-leaning Democrats (like Silky) haven’t caught on with the public, but it works just as well for True Conservatives. And there’s more than a grain of truth to it: When Pew asked the public earlier this year how they were enjoying the election coverage so far, fully 77% complained that they weren’t getting enough policy stories. If only the media was more focused on attrition through enforcement instead of, to borrow Patterico’s phrase, Mitt Romney’s pizzazz, America might have a fee-vah and the only prescription would be Fred.

Or, alternatively, maybe he could have done a much, much better job getting those big policy plans of his across on the stump. I leave you with this:

That means trying to win over voters like Marjore Roy, who is backing Fred Thompson because the Bible says Mrs. Clinton needs to be blocked.

“There’s something in the Bible that says a woman’s not supposed to be in the lead,” she said after a Thompson event in Ames this weekend, adding that she’s dismissed Republicans Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney because they can’t compete.

“I just think this guy look like a president” — she nodded at Mr. Thompson yards away — “the others are too pretty.”

Update: Incidentally, the people at National Review seem pretty well up to speed on the policy differences between the candidates and yet they endorsed Romney. What foul media gambit is responsible for brainwashing them?

Update: A sharp comment at Patterico’s.

Jazz Shaw Dec 01, 2021 11:01 AM ET