Video: Slow learner says he's learned we need to enforce our borders

A little more “straight talk” for you, about two years too late. One wonders when he’ll “learn” that campaign finance reform isn’t a good idea, either. Give him another three or four congressional elections. He’ll figure it out.

The CEO of Strategic Vision says “trends” indicate a McCain/Romney showdown for the nomination, which I guess means they’re expecting Mitt to knock off Huck in Iowa and then be surprised by Maverick in New Hampshire. Here’s what I want from McCain for my endorsement: One hand on the Bible, one hand on a copy of “God Is Not Great,” and an American flag wrapped around his head like a bandana while he swears an oath that he will never, ever, under any circumstances support “amnesty.”

Although that really wouldn’t work either, would it?

Exit question: What about Safire’s idea of a McCain/Bloomberg ticket? Maverick’s main problem right now is money; Bloomberg’s problem is that a third-party run would probably fail. Each man solves the other’s dilemma, with McCain perhaps committing to a one-term presidency given his age with Bloomy then perfectly positioned as his anointed successor. Doesn’t sound like it’s in the offing, though, as Bloomberg’s supporters would rather issue garbage ultimatums to the two parties to put aside their differences — in the thick of a presidential campaign — or suffer a challenge from the world’s richest nanny