Video: Mitt's last ad in Iowa

Is this snoozer really his parting shot before the caucus? Politico says so, but Huck’s ready to roll out some new attack ads within the next few hours that Mitt would be wise not to let go unanswered. (Expect abortion and dishonesty about his record to figure prominently.) Doubtless Team Romney has a little something on the shelf for Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, am I reading too much into this one to see an echo of Huck’s Christmas ad in the treatment of the flag in the background? It starts out on the left where the “cross” did and then slowly moves right behind the candidate as the camera turns, a symbolic counterpoint to Huckabee’s “Christian leader” iconography/demagoguery. Or have I simply been so numbed by the tedium of campaign ads that I’m inventing secret messages to entertain myself?