Open thread: New Year's Eve!

I’m around but busy with non-blog work, so if you’re snowed in or just too beta a beta male to scare up last-minute plans, feel free to sound off about resolutions, TV recommendations, whatever. The Fox News NYE special starts at 11 ET. Will Megyn Kelly follow her “all miniskirts, all the time” rule even in the chill of Times Square? Keep hope alive, my friends.

The last Des Moines Register poll is due out sometime this evening; check in if you’re eager for the CW going into Thursday. In the meantime, for your drunken amusement: Netdisaster. I recommend this configuration. Or, if you want something a little meatier, spend five minutes on this. Obeying the dictates of Shia Islam’s supreme religious authority versus keeping your graft gravy train running? Perhaps we and the Iranians aren’t so different after all.