Speakers bureau that wanted to charge churches $25K for Huck no longer representing him

Red State gets results, although a poor job of writing/reporting by Politico leaves it unclear whether Huck fired the bureau in response to RS’s expose or whether they’d parted ways some time ago and he’s simply asserting that they weren’t currently authorized to make any offers on his behalf.

Funnily enough, despite his insistence that he’d never charge a church a fee to speak and would refuse any honorarium offered during the course of a campaign, the church he spoke at over the weekend somehow managed to force ten grand into that clenched fist of his. Per Politico, it was duly donated in turn to Huck’s own church in Little Rock.

I leave you with this, without comment:

Money aside, Huckabee’s hosts can have their tax-free status threatened if they were to advocate explicitly for him…

“We’re very explicit, even in the written contract, that no mention is made of my campaign,” he said.

“There’s no advocacy for my campaign or against someone else’s. In the introduction, even when I’m presented, that’s kept separate.”

Opponents pointed out that Huckabee referred on Sunday to the well-received holiday campaign ad where he referred to “the birth of Christ.”

“I think I said something like, ‘And I want to say to all of you, Merry Christmas — I know that got me in trouble here recently,’” he recalled.

“That’s all I said. Now, people can interpret that any way they want to. But I never said: There was a commercial on TV.”