Video: "The Four Horsemen"

I wasn’t going to inflict it on you but NRO decided to ring in the season by extending the middle finger to atheists so now I feel obliged. All proceeds of the DVD sales go to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust, so if there’s a special heathen in your life whom you think would enjoy it — and judging from the e-mails I’ve gotten since we posted this in headlines yesterday, there are some around — you might consider it as a belated Christmas present.

If you’re too busy or not in the mood, I’d recommend at least watching the second clip starting at 18:50 and then again especially at 44:50 as they consider Islam and terrorism. Hitchens may be the de facto leader of America’s atheist hawks but he’s unwilling to make the concession that Harris does, that while all religions might be equally untrue, not all are equally dangerous. Hitch also thinks we’re likely doomed to global destruction by theocrats gone mad, although he does name one last, best hope for secularists hoping to stave off that outcome. Watch the clip to see whom he has in mind.