Anglican archbishop: Beware of "atheistic fundamentalism"

Certainly the strain of global fundamentalism of which you’d want to use your annual Christmas message to raise awareness. “Virulent,” “irrational,” intolerant of debate (except when its leading spokesmen embark on nationwide debate tours): why, it’s practically an atheist jihad.

In the archbishop’s defense, his weakness on terrorism is only following this idiot’s lead.

In his Christmas message, he said: “Any kind of fundamentalism, be it Biblical, atheistic or Islamic, is dangerous.”

The archbishop said “atheistic fundamentalism” was a new phenomenon.

He said it advocated that religion in general and Christianity in particular have no substance, and that some view the faith as “superstitious nonsense”.

As well as leading to Christmas being called “Winterval,” the archbishop said “virulent, almost irrational” attacks on Christianity led to hospitals removing all Christian symbols from their chapels, and schools refusing to allow children to send Christmas cards with a Christian message…

Dr Morgan said: “All of this is what I would call the new “fundamentalism” of our age. It allows no room for disagreement, for doubt, for debate, for discussion…

Dr Morgan’s Christmas message comes after the general director of the Evangelical Alliance, the Rev Joel Edwards, compared militant secularists to King Herod in their intolerance of religious faith.