Tancredo: Why I'm backing Romney

He’s got the money, the machine, and a better record on immigration than any other major candidate with executive experience. “Can you go the distance?” says Tanc, identifying one of the four criteria he used to decide. The answer to that question seems to be yes for Mitt, no for Fred. Hence the endorsement. Sounds like Romney was also forced to pledge his troth to the cause in a private conversation. That’ll be useful later if he’s elected and goes squishy, as Tanc will be on every cable news outlet that’ll have him to hammer Mitt for his betrayal. The grassroots reaction will be fierce enough without that, but with it? Nuclear. And Romney surely knows it.

He also thinks McCain’s riding a bubble that’ll burst once the Huck/Mitt prizefight works itself out. Exit question: Does the coveted Tancredo endorsement make Romney the boss’s presumptive favorite? Or is she … on the list?

Link: sevenload.com

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET