Video: Mary Katharine Ham talks naked celebrities, "Jackass" on O'Reilly

At last we find Bill re-defining the segment. Formerly it was an opportunity to bring to public attention crimes and scandals on the ‘Net, now it’s an occasion to have MK defend the ‘Net notwithstanding those crimes and scandals, ensuring that any viewers who don’t know the web well enough to know its compensatory virtues will regard the Hammer as having an unusually voracious appetite for lurid sleaze. Almost all Factor features eventually evolve into confrontation; this is no exception, although admittedly it’s mild by the usual standards and MK does get to do a little more reporting here than usual.

Still, I can’t help noticing that after months of spelling her middle name correctly they got it wrong last night. A little tweak befitting her new role as villainess? Nah, just sloppy. Exit question: Did Bill really say “So God killed him” about the paparazzi peddler or did I mishear?