Coulter unloads on Huckabee, to little effect

“It’s not his faith or his Merry Christmas commercial that many conservatives question (I certainly don’t),” writes Mark Levin at the Corner, “but it’s his record as governor and his stated positions on the war, foreign policy generally, taxes, spending, and illegal aliens.” Quite. What does Coulter zero in on? The fact that Huck’s evidently not evangelical enough, qualifying his dissent from Darwinism by assuring people he wouldn’t pull evolution out of public schools and tepidly supporting the Supreme Court’s decision in the Lawrence case finding gay sexual conduct protected by constitutional privacy rights. (Although note her point about how his standards on regulating private behavior change when it comes to, say, smoking.) He’s too “cornpone,” she says, too “stupid and easily led,” criticisms of the sort non-evangelicals have been warned not to make about Huckabee lest their alleged contempt for Christians drive them fuming from the party. Hitchens called Huck a “smirking hick” the other day; will AC’s sneering to the same effect be received more warmly because she has her Bible in hand or is she part of that mysterious east-coast conservative establishment that supposedly hates southern Christians because they’re blue collar and take their religion seriously? Can’t wait to find out. Like Ace says, weak.