Ron Paul on Huck's Christmas ad: When fascism comes, it'll come bearing a cross

Quoting Sinclair Lewis, of course. He’s quick to add that he’s not sure if that’s a fair assessment, although it was obviously fair enough for him to utter aloud as the first thing that came to his mind, hm? Oh well. As an antidote to the Corner’s endless hosannas over the past 12 hours to the stupendous brilliance of sitting in front of a Christmas tree and name-checking Jesus to woo evangelicals, you can do worse than this. I liked Paul’s own Christmas ad better but then I’m not the guy Huck’s aiming at.

He might have had no choice but to toss his supporters a bone. It seems a few of them are upset with his having abandoned the “biblical position” on illegal immigration. Repent, HA border enforcers.

Update: Bryan says this will “hurt” Huck about as much as Hitchens’s latest tirade will.