Keep hope alive: Mitt back up by three in Iowa in new Insider Advantage poll

Via Riehl. The good news: Just what the headline says. The bad news:

1. That’s among “very likely voters.” Huck still leads among “likely voters,” albeit narrowly.

2. Compare IA’s numbers to other recent state polls. Unless this is the very first shockwave from an anti-Huckabee backlash, it’s an outlier.

3. IA hasn’t conducted a poll in the state in two months so there’s no way to judge the trend. For what it’s worth, their October poll was in line with others at the time, giving us a little more confidence here.

4. Fred’s still 17 points off the pace, although he is at least in double digits. Rudy, meanwhile, has completely cratered and now trails not only McCain but Ron Paul.

5. Dear god, no.