After endorsing Huckabee, Jim Gilchrist shocked to find he's soft on immigration

Obviously an endorsement he took very seriously. As Kaus has said, Huck’s tough, Krikorian-approved immigration plan is really just a variation on the Pence “touchback” plan that would require illegals to go home, wait a few weeks, then come back. I didn’t understand it nine months ago, I still don’t understand it now. Neither does Gilchrist.

Huckabee insisted [to Fox News] that “the pathway to get back here legally doesn’t take years. It would take days, maybe weeks, and then people could come back in the workforce.”

Asked by WND to respond, Gilchrist backtracked, admitting he may have been mistaken in his initial assumptions about the repatriation provisions of Huckabee’s “Secure America Plan.”

“I’m going to have to follow up on this,” Gilchrist said. “I had not seen before anything in Governor Huckabee’s plan where repatriation and touch-back could involve only days, not years.

“I personally need to talk to Governor Huckabee about this,” he added. “This issue needs to be between Governor Huckabee and me.”…

Gilchrist … stated [a few days ago], “If, in fact, there is no standing in line and waiting for legal entry, I would have a serious reservation about endorsing Huckabee.”

Note the byline on the WND story this all comes from and compare it to this book jacket. This must have been some interview. “Dude, I don’t even know you anymore.”

No matter; the only difference between President Huck and what we’ve got now will be trading a fence that won’t stop anyone for no fence at all. Second in California now, kids. Eight thin points behind America’s soon to be retired Mayor.

Update: What would President Huck say?