Video: Rudy on immigration, then and now

First comes his new ad, next comes a six-year-old clip that magically made its way onto YouTube yesterday this morning. The date: September 7, 2001, four days before a few of the undocumented did a little impromptu immigrating to the World Trade Center. Re-read that Examiner piece from earlier this week and you’ll see that he’s still singing the same song, sort of:

Giuliani handled it by cracking down on illegals who broke more than immigration laws. Meanwhile, he adopted a laissez-faire attitude toward everyone else who entered the United States illegally.

“The ones that are causing me no trouble, I’m going to leave them alone,” he told The Examiner. “They’re contributing to the lawful part of the city. I’ve got so many citizens — legal immigrants, and then some illegal immigrants — committing crimes that I’ve got to pay attention to them.”…

“That’s the federal government’s problem,” he told The Examiner. “If you’re not hurting anybody in my city, I don’t care.”

He’s trying to play the good federalist here. If and when Huckabee starts to flag and Romney and Thompson can turn their attention elsewhere, they should start hammering Rudy on why he supports national solutions like Roe when it helps abortion and state solutions like sanctuary cities when it helps illegals. He’ll reach for a constitutional distinction in the right of privacy by way of response but it won’t do him much good with GOP voters.