Video: NBC on Huckabee's ethics; Update: 21 Huck gift-givers received appointments, says Politico

Same conclusion as the Guardian reached in its story today about his fondness for gifts. Nothing illegal, just malodorous. Besides, he’s a man of the cloth:

A former top Huckabee staffer said the governor saw nothing wrong with Osborne’s gifts. “It was because of his background as a preacher,” said the staffer, who asked to remain anonymous. “They typically get gifts. In his own mind he was righteous, so the appearance didn’t matter.” Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister.

Who cares about any of this anymore? 80% of my workload lately is divided between two types of posts: “Shocking new revelation about Huckabee” and “Huckabee increases lead in polls.” The worse the first type gets, the better the second type gets. God, gays, and abortion — what more, as issues, does a party need?

After the NBC clip comes another parody from the guy responsible for that goof on Giuliani a few weeks ago. Pretty clearly he leans left, but entertainment is entertainment.

Update: “Huckabee doesn’t just embrace big government in the form of big taxes. He truly appears to believe that if something is a good idea it should be a federal government program.” To which I say: God, gays, and abortion.

Update: Politico goes fishing for a blockbuster and comes back with … not much. 21 appointees gave Huck gifts, but most were appointed to unpaid positions. Worth a read, though, to see how willing he was to accept kindnesses great or small (e.g., car repairs) and what that habit may say about tendencies towards cronyism.