Video: Silky's manager rips Hillary's manager for bringing up Obama's drug use again

Stooges three: Joe Trippi of Team Silky, Mark Penn of Glacier HQ, and David Axelrod of Forward Base Audacity. Penn really, really wants to put this unpleasantness with the cocaine and the snorting and the youthful snorting of cocaine behind him because the campaign certainly doesn’t condone attacks about cocaine-snorting. Oh, and the stuff about Obama wanting to be president since he was in the womb? Just a joke, dude. And such a good one that it’s still up on the campaign website.

Come for Trippi’s facial reactions, stay for the odd congruence between how appealing each of these guys is vis-a-vis how appealing their three candidates are relative to each other. Advantage: Axelrod. Exit question, per See-Dubya: Is there going to be anything left of the nominee by the time we get a crack at him (or, gulp, her)?