Poll: Among 16 D.C. interest groups, the least trusted is...

A jolt of schadenfreudean pep for you this sleepy Wednesday afternoon. They didn’t include MoveOn in last year’s survey so we can’t know the effect of the “Betray Us” ad, although Rasmussen gave us a hint back in September. Note the “Not at All” column. Not even the ACLU is within 10 points.


The most/least trusted question was put only to people said they were familiar with the organization. 30% said so of MoveOn, prompting the question of who’s more likely to have heard of the group: Liberals, per MO’s vaunted membership and mailing lists, or conservatives, who got a good strong dose of the group’s cretinism from the Petraeus fiasco? I’m guessing the latter, which explains the “Not at All” figure.

Follow the link and note the trust trend figures, too. Everyone is within single digits of their numbers last year — except the liberal Brookings Institute, which is off by 12 points. Blame these guys, whose lastditch, ahead-of-the-curve “the surge is working” op-ed made them nutroots hate objects for life.