Open thread: The Huckabee pile-on debate! Video: Keyes hijacks the debate; Video: GOP refuses a show of hands on global warming; Video: Fred on the NEA

Live from Iowa, 2 p.m. ET. Last chance for Mitt to turn back the tide and for Fred to remind people he’s still running. What’s the line of attack? Dumond and the clemencies? Huck’s Gitmo reversal? The ’92 AIDS snafu? The Fair Tax? And does Mitt dare smack him on religion knowing that evangelicals are already flocking to him?

Fox News will be carrying it. If you’re at work, catch the stream at the Des Moines Register’s website.

Update: A sneak preview of the media, circa June 2008, if trends continue: “Huckabee the Caveman.”

Update: Dean Barnett e-mails, “If I were Huckabee, I’d apologize for the Jesus and Satan being brothers remark directly to Mitt, and then walk over and extend his hand. If he does that, he’ll be unbeatable.”

Update: Here’s Keyes, who’s been insufferably pompous and off topic throughout the debate, hijacking the global warming question and setting up Fred for a laugh line.

Update: More Keyes. He’s a grotesque parody of a religious conservative.

Update: And here’s Fred taking a stand on dopey show-of-hands questions.

Update: The most crowd-pleasing answer from an otherwise dull debate.