Huckabee: I apologized to Mitt after the debate

It was, apparently, graciously accepted. I said last night I’m willing to believe he spoke out of ignorance, especially since per the update there’s some plausible reason for the misunderstanding. After you watch this, though, watch the clip below it of the statement about faith he gave to the Des Moines Register that aired during the debate. NBC and Marc Ambinder think it’s a clear shot at Romney’s speech from last week. The point of Romney’s speech, though, wasn’t to say that his faith “doesn’t impact me at all,” it was to say that it wouldn’t be the determining factor in his decisions as president. Hard to know what Huck was getting at without the context of the question but I don’t think it’s necessarily an aspersion cast at Mitt. Exit question: Or was it?

Update: K-Lo says the second clip is from April, not this week. I’ll take her word for it, but the videos she links to at the Des Moines Register site obviously aren’t the same as this. He’s seated in a well-lit room, in front of a bookcase, in those.