Video: Tancredo rips GOP opponents for Hispandering at Univision debate

He’s being a trifle disingenuous — none of the candidates retreated from their immigration positions at the Spanish-language debate, their treacly rhetoric notwithstanding — but just listen to the cloying soundbites culled by Rick Sanchez and co. It’s not that what they’re saying isn’t true; it’s that their motives, and their basic condescension to their audience, are so transparent. For pure tin-eared groan-inducement, I give it to Mitt on points.

Speaking of pandering, is Giuliani kidding? If I understand the article correctly, he wanted to deport every last illegal in NYC, except the feds wouldn’t help, which is why he then apparently had to go around delivering speeches encouraging illegals to come to the city. Is anyone in the race, Mitt and Huck included, as shameless about their political reversals as Rudy is on this subject?

One more little tidbit for you, from the new Times poll. Drudge is leading right now with a headline about how the Democrats think Huckabee’s an easy kill in the general election. Don’t be so sure: