Video: O'Reilly still talking about MILFs

Witness the peculiar genius of O’R: Having put our beloved Mary K through the wringer on this idiotic topic last week, he goes back to the well — and against all odds, turns it into oddly compelling television. Did Baldanza know the dark, secret meaning of MILF when he came up with the ad campaign? Had he seen “American Pie,” which Bill seems to think is the touchstone for being acquainted with this particular term? Does he like what this sort of thing is doing to the culture? Well, do ya, punk? The Factor is on, my friends.

Although I support her unconditionally, I do miss seeing the boss in the Monday night segment. Alf just isn’t a match for KP, I’m afraid. Exit question: Anyone want to place their bets on what tomorrow night’s featured clips in Mary Katharine’s segment will be? This crap was on Fox & Friends this morning so look out. You think that’s a good thing for the culture, seeing girls pole-dancing on subway cars? Huh, Mary Katharine? Do ya?