Video blogger rendered instantly obsolete by freakishly awesome super-DVR

I knew it was only a matter of time before I was replaced, but I always figured it’d be by a superior blogger — or perhaps, if the market was accommodating, a Japanese dronebot with the snark level set to “high.”

Alas, my friends, I didn’t see the enemy coming until it was too late.

10 tuners and gobs of storage aside, the coolest thing about this SnapStream DVR is its search interface. We’ve not seen anything like it in the DVR world: the DVR stores the closed captioning signal—where available—as a stream of text, which is then searchable by the end user like a database. Spelling errors on live television events aside, this allows users to flag any shows in which certain keywords pop up, and even send an e-mail alert when this happens. Selected programs can then be burned to DVD-R in standard MPEG-2 format that can be viewed by any media player.

Not so fearless prediction: This piece of admittedly saccharine-sweet machinery is itself already being rendered obsolete by technology that not only does the same thing, but does it for free. Shhhhh.