Video: Chuck and Huck on faith and the golden rule

It’s very vanilla, although you’ll perk up at the end as Huck starts applying Christian principles to policy — albeit in safely non-specific terms, of course, lest anyone get the impression that he thinks government should be an agent of charity. I wonder if there isn’t something that Huck and I agree on after all.

Interesting to note how his campaign’s prioritizing these chats, too. This is the third in a series of five. The first was Chuck explaining — or rather, not explaining — why he’s supporting Huckabee and the second was about immigration. Evidently faith, not terror or the economy, comes next on the list of topics of import.

Meanwhile, here’s a new Internet ad campaign they’re putting out featuring some decidedly un-conservative-ish voters explaining why they’ve switched to Huck. Ask yourself who these are aimed at vis-a-vis who the faith chat with Chuck is aimed at. He’s covering all his bases.