Too hot for NBC: Freedom's Watch thanks the troops

The network that employs Keith Olbermann feared it was too political.

NBC said it declined to air the ad because it refers to the group’s Web site, which the network said was too political, not because of the ad’s message…

Alan Wurtzel, NBC’s head of standards and practices, said the network decided not to run the Freedom’s Watch ad because the group insisted that the spot contain the URL address of its Web site.

The Freedom’s Watch Web home page contains links for visitors to demonstrate their support for the troops. It also contains a welcoming message that states: “For too long, conservatives have lacked a permanent political presence to do battle with the radical special interests groups and their left-wing allies in government.”

“We have a policy that prohibits acceptance of advertising that deals with issues of public controversy,” Wurtzel said. “This particular ad, in and of itself, is fine. It thanks the troops for their action overseas. We asked them to eliminate a URL address where a person is asked to contact elected officials and told not to cut and run on the war on terror.”

FW ran a print ad the other day to the same effect, and with the same URL, in … the New York Times.

Dear NBC,

If asks you to run an ad that does no more than thank the troops (giggle) and list its URL, we won’t object.

Every conservative in the world

Update: Nuance, straight, no chaser.