Video: "Serious"

Easily the best ad Fred’s campaign has produced. Except, of course, they didn’t produce it. Some Fredhead with an editing suite and a knack for voiceover did — the second time today that a Republican politican’s production team has been outclassed by skilled hobbyists. Not a good omen, boys. Then again, has any Democratic ad made as big a splash as this?

A few odds and ends on ol’ Fred. First, swoon if you wish over his position on torture but it’s really no different than Bill Clinton’s, which isn’t a knock on Fred so much as a compliment to Billy Jeff. Second, one of his campaign aides in South Carolina is pushing a bit on the issue of Mormonism. The good news for Fred? She’s pushing specifically on LDS’s history of racial discrimination, the one aspect of it that most people seem to agree is fair game. And finally, he’s making the right kind of enemies:

“When a Southerner goes bad, we call him a scallywag. Thompson’s a scallywag – he deserves no respect,” Jim Hanks, who identified himself as a registered Independent, said. A scallywag is a white southerner who supported the federal government during Reconstruction. Hanks also said he was interested in Thompson, but now supports Ron Paul.

What makes Fred a “scallywag”? His excellent answer to the confederate flag question at the debate. Watch it here if you missed it last week.

Exit question: Will this post earn me some more hate mail about wanting to have Fred’s child? Hope springs eternal, my friends.

Updated exit question: Will I have to fight Rush for the privilege?