Fred camp on Huckabee: We need a president, not a court jester

Welcome to first place, Huck.

When asked by Don Imus this morning about his lack of foreign policy credentials, Mike Huckabee joked: “And the ultimate thing is, you know, I may not be the expert as some people on foreign policy – but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” (WABC Radio, 12/04/07)

“When confronted with a serious question about his lack of foreign policy experience, Mike Huckabee makes a joke. The security of Americans and our allies is no laughing matter. What Americans are looking for in their next president is a commander in chief, not a Court Jester,” added Bob Haus, Executive Director of Iowa Friends of Fred Thompson.

He’s not first in just Iowa anymore, either. The Daily News has a piece out about Giuliani aides rubbing their hands with glee at Huckabee’s surge in Iowa but eyeball the latest daily numbers from Rasmussen. That’s five consecutive days of decline for Rudy and five consecutive days of either holding or gaining ground for Huck, and that ain’t the only poll where Rudy’s sagging. If the trend continues tomorrow, Huckabee’s all by himself as the national frontrunner.

Exit question: Is the candidate who so enjoys telling others their policies are un-Christian behaving in an un-Christian manner himself?