Audio: YouTube questioner says Anderson Cooper knew Hillary plant by name

Someone e-mailed about this the other day after it first aired on Rush’s show but I don’t see anything suspicious about it. Cooper personally reviewed some of the submitted questions; Keith Kerr was probably the only general in the whole bunch of 5,000, so his name and face may have stuck in Cooper’s mind. Rush notes at one point that Kerr had appeared on CNN previously and that it might even have been on Cooper’s show — but it wasn’t.

Here’s the video of the caller, Gordon Bloyer, boarding the bus, where he claims you can hear some of the CNN employees greet Kerr by calling him “general.” I hear someone say it at about 16 seconds in, but again, what’s the significance? It may well be that they were planning to call on Kerr because they thought a gay officer asking a question about “don’t ask don’t tell” would make for high (liberal) drama but that doesn’t prove they knew he was a Hillary plant. Much ado about nothing without further proof.

What he says about a Kucinich operative being with them at some point might be another matter, though. Click the image to watch.


Update: Incidentally, here’s the question that won Bloyer his ticker to the debate.

Update: This is fun, too. Again, video by Bloyer — this time of Anderson Cooper explaining why they don’t let YouTube users vote on the questions CNN will ask. May I quote? “You’d basically have all these campaigns trying to jerry-rig it.”