Video: Would Richard Land vote for a Mormon candidate?

An important question. As most but not all of our readers know, Land’s a big cheese among Southern Baptists and was one of the sources for that Reuters piece a few weeks ago about some Baptists looking unkindly upon the Mormon candidate due to LDS poaching from their congregation. It’s a matter of no small import, then, whether he’d personally be able to pull the lever for Mitt. Hannity asks and gets an answer.

I’d be lying if I said I knew much about the political differences among evangelical leaders but Land seems to be a bit further towards the center than, say, James Dobson. (But only a bit.) He seems pretty jazzed at the prospect of Mitt reassuring him that he’ll govern according to his conscience and not according to the LDS canon. Exit question: Does anyone but anyone not think Mitt’s going to do that? In which case, why does he need to spell it out?