Video: The obligatory "Erin Burnett calls Bush a monkey" clip

It happened on Monday but was only Farked today, hence the 10 or so e-mails about it in the past three hours. Same rule applies as in the Kellie Pickler clip, at least among our male readers: Sure, sure, it’s gobsmackingly vile — but just listen to that laugh. Gobsmackingly charming is more like it.

Besides, she works for NBC. This sort of thing is probably in her contract.

My thoughts at this hour turn to Rush, who’s made no secret of his respect for Burnett despite her (likely) lefty provenance. Does he call her out on it? Or do her more admirable qualities, intellectual and otherwise, earn her a pass? The big A knows a thing or two about this dilemma himself, and while it’s a bitter pill to swallow, there is ultimately but one ethical solution. Lock and load, brother. Lock and load.