Video: The disappearing Hillary plant; Update: Does it matter who the questions come from?

Tough call for CNN on re-broadcast. Do they stick with the footage of Keith Kerr after having been de-pantsed by Bill Bennett an hour or so before? Edit out the footage? Leave it in with a graphic at the bottom of the screen disclosing his campaign affiliation? Decisions, decisions.

Here’s your answer. This is what went down at around 9:45 ET…

…and this is how it played at 1:45 on re-broadcast:

And just for giggles, here’s the edit of the various very undecided voters who got to put a question to the field. Kerr’s the only one who’s problematic because of his formal affiliation with the Clinton campaign.

Update: The debate rages in the comments as to whether it matters that known Democrats are asking the questions. As I said, it matters when they’re affiliated with a campaign and the affiliation isn’t disclosed because then you’re left to wonder (a) if they were there secretly at the campaign’s behest to try to force an issue into the other party’s nominating process for political advantage, and (b) what CNN’s motive might be in not vetting and disclosing the affiliation. All they had to do with Kerr was mention he was with the Clinton campaign.

I’m “eh” about the other ones. For instance, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that the guy whom Biden went off on at the Democratic YouTube debate over guns was a known Republican. The only vaguely dishonest thing about it is that questions from the other side typically aren’t asked to help the questioner make up his mind about whom to vote for but to try and elicit a “gotcha” by tripping the candidates up. But then that’s how the press operates too, so no wonder CNN doesn’t have a problem with it.