Video: Fred's attack ad -- extended edition!

“What’s up with that?” asked Anderson Cooper, stunned almost into silence last night upon calling for Fred’s web promo and seeing unspool before his very eyes the first true negative ad of the season. That was the 30-second version “radio edit”; here’s the LP extended jam. Karol will be comforted to know that Rudy gets his due in this one. It’s hard for blog readers, and HA fans in particular, to fully appreciate the shock value of the spot, I think, because the footage here is old hat by now. Will it work on undecideds who haven’t seen it? If Fred’s profile was higher, maybe. As it is, hard to see it making much of a difference.

Incidentally, remember what he said last week about Fox News being biased against him? Read this. Mmmmm, that’s good editorializing!