Return of the big LA Times sex scandal?

Depressing. The big scoop that’s going to shock the world is that the Clenis has a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side? On the shock-value seismograph, that’s like finding out a Republican congressman is gay. I’m not even sure it would help us politically.

Well … I guess it would. Hillary would play the wronged woman for awhile, which would help her with this year’s target demographic, but she couldn’t overplay it lest it feed into gender stereotypes of “weakness.” On balance it ends up hurting her for the same reason that BJ’s Iraq revisionism is hurting her this morning: It promises another four years of his same old crap. The whole point of Obama’s prattling on about “change” is to leverage voters’ Clinton fatigue; the Iraq thing plays right into his hands, as would this.

Dan Riehl notes an old Telegraph report suggesting this scoop was months in the making. Coming soon to a Democratic primary campaign commercial near you: “The audacity of monogamy”?