Oh no he didn't: Mitt links Rudy, Hillary to "New York State of Mind"

This type of regional demagoguery is a lot more effective coming from a guy who isn’t from Massachusetts. Dude:


Let’s see what we’ve got by way of evidence. Rudy and Hillary are both pro-choice, just like Mitt was until two years ago and like most of the people are in the state he governed. Rudy and Hillary both take the federalist position on gay marriage, as does lifelong conservative Fred Thompson. And Rudy once said he liked being thought of as “very liberal.” Are there any old statements in that vein in Mitt’s closet? Let’s see what we can mine from the Log Cabin Republicans’ snark ad on this, a day when Mitt was busy scolding Mike Huckabee for being insufficiently Reagan-esque.

I guess responding to attacks on NYC is going to be my side project for as long as Rudy’s in the race. So be it.