Man's most perfect creation to become even more perfect?

Yeah, but in an annoying way.

Apple has confirmed that it has plenty more upgrades to come for the Apple iPhone.

“All the complaints and feature requests we’ve had can be fixed and added by software upgrades”, a spokesman for the company told Pocket-lint…

Since its launch in the US in June, Apple has been criticised for leaving out some key functionality, like the ability to record video via the included digital camera and greater Bluetooth support beyond voice functionality.

“For the average mobile phone most people only use around 10%, Apple didn’t want that to happen with the iPhone.”

Why’s this annoying? Because it leaves poor chumps like me who are saving our cash for v2.0 in limbo, wondering whether there’s even going to be a 2.0 or whether they’re just going to roll out a few upgrades sporadically and call the resulting upgraded machine 2.0. Techies are speculating that dangling the prospect of future homemade killer apps is Apple’s way of dissuading people from hacking the phone to install their own (or, worse, getting a Gphone instead). I think it’s as much about squeezing us fencesitters into buying now instead of waiting for the 2.0 that may or may not be on the way and that may or may not disappoint us when it eventually arrives. Exit question: If I buy now and then the awesomely awesome super-souped-up 2.0 drops in six month, will I be able to get one of those “disgruntled sucker” refunds Apple specializes in? (Exit answer: Nope.)

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