Video: More planted questions at Hillary campaign events?

A shot in the dark from the other end of the spectrum. The post is more compelling than the video, though: on paper the questions are plenty stilted enough (especially the “as a member of the _____ community” formulation) to qualify as suspicious, but watch the clips and you’ll see that they’re delivered fluidly and with plenty of animation. That doesn’t mean they’re not planted but it does make it less likely, especially when you compare them with the more robotic delivery in the third clip showing the question that actually was planted. Besides, if this sort of thing is SOP for the Glacier, why haven’t any other student plants come forward to claim their 15 minutes?

Follow the link and note the comment at the bottom about Hillary’s panel at Yearly Kos. Meanwhile, Marc Ambinder introduces a third possibility. The questioners are plants — but the campaign’s innocent.

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