ARG Iowa poll: Mitt 26, Huckabee 24?

No diggity. The good news for Mitt is that ARG polls tend to be outliers. Scroll down here and follow Rudy’s numbers, or better yet, scroll down through the South Carolina numbers and see how freakishly low they’ve got Fred. The bad news for Mitt? This is in line with other recent polls showing Huck on the move. I still think Romney wins the state but now at a higher cost and a smaller margin of victory that won’t give him quite the boost going into New Hampshire and South Carolina that he might otherwise have had. The question is what Rudy should do. He’s happy to see a poorly financed candidate like Huck create headaches for Mitt; since he doesn’t have a chance to win Iowa himself, does he instruct some of his aides to start doing a little surreptitious politicking for Huckabee around the state? He can’t afford to finish too far behind the leaders or it’ll look like a full-fledged flameout and the media will go crazy over it (as Dick Morris is already doing). But he’s still looking good in Florida and it can’t hurt to make friends with Huck now in case he has him in mind as a possible VP candidate.

Meanwhile, don’t look now but the GOP race isn’t the only one that’s wide open.

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David Strom 3:21 PM on March 24, 2023