Video: Huckabee smacks Mitt on immigration; Video: Mitt responds to Huckabee

Ladies and gents, your soundbite of the day. You’ll know it when you hear it; Hemmer set him up and darned if Huck didn’t knock it right down. Mitt actually got off easy here: Huckabee’s preferred response to critics of his immigration policies is to accuse them of being un-Christian, a tactic we may yet see from him in this campaign but probably not vis-a-vis Romney since it would be perceived as a veiled dig at his Mormonism. After you watch, take a stroll through Lonewacko‘s archives on Huckabee, especially this post. The campaign’s saying all the right things these days but those Arkansas poultry-processing plants weren’t going to just staff themselves. Sounds like that consulate in Little Rock is paying big dividends already.

Update: Here’s Mitt’s response from this afternoon’s Live Desk.

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