Fox News: Huckabee misled us about tax speech

The question is, did he do so intentionally? Huck told Bill Hemmer this morning that that YouTube video of him begging for a tax hike was actually from a speech delivered after a state supreme court mandate demanding that the state increase funding for education. Not so, claimed Arkansas Journal. The court wasn’t involved and there was nothing mandatory about it; it was a simple general revenue request. Carl Cameron looked into it and before you know it, voila — a press release from the Huckabee camp defending the tax hike but conspicuously refusing to support Huck’s assertion that his hand was forced by the court.

Your obvious exit question: A lie or a mistake? If the former, he had to know it would be found out. If the latter, how could he have been so wrong about something that’s gotten so much attention this week? Surely he’s had his memory refreshed about the video in the past few days

FYI, the clip here conveniently cuts off before the part where Cameron reminds viewers that Huck cut taxes 94 times and ended his administration with a billion-dollar surplus.

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