Video: Tancredo's explosive scare ad

A “Daisy” for our age, with a twist: this time Goldwater’s running it himself to promote his security credentials. The GOP tried a Hail Mary in this vein two weeks before the election last year and got nothing for it. Tanc won’t do any better, although it’ll probably earn him an extra cable news segment or two tomorrow.

What makes this ad uniquely Tancredo-esque? Not the subject. You can easily imagine Mitt going this route next October if/when he’s seven or eight points behind Hillary and needs a spark, especially given the Democrats’ squeamishness on an issue that’s trending the GOP’s way. No, what brands this as uniquely, ineffably Sir Tancelot’s is … the catchphrase. No other candidate, with the possible exception of Rudy, would have the stones to float something so hair-raisingly alarming. Tanc does it without breaking a sweat. Click the image to watch.

Update: I’m having trouble loading Tancredo’s site at the moment. If you are too, watch the ad on YouTube. It’s a bad sync but that doesn’t detract much.


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