Michelle Obama: Blacks favor Hillary because they've been oppressed

Or, if you prefer, because they haven’t yet embraced the “audacity” of the demagoguery she’s pitching here. Savor the tangy irony of Obama’s wife unspooling this so soon after the Messiah’s own righteous complaints about Hillary playing the gender card after the most recent debate. If the Clinton camp is smart, they’ll answer the charge by claiming that blacks are simply more progressive about gender equality than most voters and want to help elect the first woman president. In the meantime, look closely and you can see a whole new layer of loathsome leftist racial politics being formed here: atop the bedrock assumption that no one who’s authentically black would ever vote Republican is placed a new assumption that no one who’s freed himself from white America’s tyranny of low expectations would vote for a white Democrat over a black one. An execrable sentiment, but seeing Hillary’s face rubbed in a steaming pile of it isn’t an altogether unpleasant experience. Click the image to watch.


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