Video: Mary Katharine Ham on Giuliani and Pat Robertson

A mere four days after the big endorsement the bloggers finally get to weigh in, followed by the all-important question no one in their right mind has been asking: does Obama neglecting to cover his heart during the Star-Spangled Banner mean he’s unpatriotic? The Hammer answers that one correctly, thus sparing her from Faiz Shakir’s patented Think Progress Enlightened Finger-Wag of Shame. Sad to say, but between segments like this and O’Reilly’s “explain this whole ‘Internet’ concept to me again” shtick every Wednesday night, MK’s best chance for substantive debate these days is on Red Eye. Help us, Andrew Levy, you’re our only hope.

My pal Barnett calls her the Mary Tyler Moore of the blogosphere, which I guess makes Katie Favazza Rhoda. Exit question: Which character is Hewitt, Ted Baxter or Lou Grant?

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023