Video: Fred Phelps and Rick Sanchez yell at each other over Snyder suit

Portrait of a man on the hook for $11 million. The “indignant interviewer hollers at the Phelpses” segment is a news genre all its own, the most memorable example being Julie Banderas shooting her professionalism out the airlock and berating Phelps’s daughter for several minutes last year. Sanchez is cooler, letting Phelps hang himself with his own rope. Between his semi-coherent complaints about the government shutting him down for preaching as opposed to crashing funerals to gloat over the deceased, you can see the kernel of his appeal — a First Amendment claim along the lines of the one I discussed in the earlier Snyder thread. Read that post if you haven’t yet to see what his chances are of winning.

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023