Righty bloggers file complaint asking FEC to investigate Hillary's Chinatown donations

Like a sporadically wise blogger once said, neither the media nor the other campaigns have an incentive to do this which means it’s up to the feds. Time to do your jobs, boys.

In addition to the aforementioned evidence, it is worth noting that the Hillary Clinton for President Committee has clearly decided to take no action to remedy these violations. According to the New York Post, “The Clinton campaign dismissed the L.A. Times story as derogatory to Chinese-Americans.”

Accordingly, the Clinton campaign’s disinterest in and failure to remedy these violations along with the potential scope of the abuse indicates that that the Commission should investigate and take action against those responsible for violation of the law.

Here’s the background in the unlikely event that you missed it when this story detonated. Exit question: What exciting new hyperethnic variation on “Maglalang” will a grumpy Keith Olbermann come up with to deflect attention from this story?

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