Nickelodeon website shills for ... World Can't Wait

World Can’t Wait being, of course, a communist front group even by the lights of the rabid conservatives at the San Francisco Chronicle. I’m trying to think of a right-wing analog to WCW to communicate the absurdity of seeing this on kids’ TV. The Birchers? Maybe Vlaams Belang? You wouldn’t even need to go extreme to get the left in a froth about political indoctrination of kids. Try running a three-minute segment of Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly talking about open borders and see what happens. You’d have to duck and cover from the blast.

You’re looking for the “Rebels With a Cause” clip at the top and skipping ahead to 16:45. Behold, the nutroots JV team in early formation. Click the image to watch.


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