Audio: The obligatory "Dog the Bounty Hunter's racist tirade" post

Never watched the show, never going to watch the show, probably won’t ever have the chance to watch the show per the Enquirer’s update. The audio’s at the link. It’s nasty, Michael-Richards-esque business, but with the added nuance of him insisting that when he drops the N-bomb he doesn’t mean it in a derogatory way. You know, like those racists do.

Here’s a little gloss from Patterico’s guestblogger, WLS, before you listen. TMZ’s having a field day with the story too, including word of an early attempt by Chapman to seek absolution from America’s racial pontiff. Exit question: Which nutroots blogger will be the first to tar Tom Tancredo, who defended Chapman in an unrelated matter, with guilt by association?

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