Video: Bushies "committed treason" by outing me, says Plame

The beauty of this clip, aside from her chummy, stomach-churning faux-coquettishness towards Matthews at the end, is the moonbatty yin/yang dynamic at work. Of course those criminal bastards would try to out you as revenge, he suggests; surely Joe Wilson knew that when he dared cross them. Au contraire, she retorts; we were as babes, just a pair of noble civil servants who never dared dream that such bastards might be so criminal. The “truth to power” coup de grace is duly delivered in course and the plug issueth forth. A good time was had by all.

Incidentally, is the Joe and Valerie legal aid fund still open for business? Sure looks like it. I want to make sure I can still chip in before her book hits the bestseller list and makes her a millionaire.

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