Did America's Greatest Patriot get a $500 donation from Stormfront's founder?

Phrased as a question because there’s no smoking-gun proof but submitted for your consideration because the circumstantial evidence is compelling. The guy who runs Stormfront is named Don Black; he appears to be based in Florida. As of 2001 he was married to David Duke’s ex-wife, Chloe. There’s a Chloe Duke listed at a certain address in Lakeland, Florida; a cross-check of that address in Ron Paul’s campaign finance records reveals a $500 donation from a “self-employed/website manager” named, you guessed it, Don Black. Might there be another Mr. and Mrs. Don and Chloe Black in the same state with similar professions who aren’t degenerate racists? There might. But since the media’s conspicuously uninterested in asking questions about the Patriot’s unsavory base, let’s see if we can’t push this onto their plate and at least force them into asking this one.

Ron Paul can’t be faulted for accepting the donation if he didn’t know who it was from, but now that he knows he’s got a sewer running into his coffers it’s time to disgorge and start taking a hard look at some of the other, less savory elements who are bankrolling him. For instance, how about a maxed-out donation from America’s most notorious conspiracy theorist?


Think he should give that back? Think he will?