Video: "John Rambo," the official trailer

This is, what, the third Rambo trailer I’ve given you? First came the gory but meandering early cut, then the lean, mean, splatter spectacular, and now the fully gestated official version with a bit more meat on the narrative bone. Fortuitously for Sly, the cruelty of the regime in Burma, where this is set, has been much in the news of late, which will make this more of a crowd-pleaser than it might otherwise have been minus any jihadist element. Your mission, plainly and simply, is to make it all the way through without laughing at any of the dialogue. Or noticing that Stallone’s famously slurred speech has now reached the point of mimicking drunkenness.

While I’ve got your attention, there’s another war movie in the works that’s considerably more important than this but is operating on a minute fraction of the budget. JD Johannes could use your help in making it happen. If you’re willing and able, here’s his PayPal.

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