Video: The very important, not-at-all gratuitous "hot Israel" controversy

I followed this at the Corner last week with half interest, enough to know they were talking about Israeli women in bikinis but not enough to care what the political ramifications of that might be. Here’s the whole thing nutshelled by David Harsanyi. In essence, some guy thinks Israel pitching the lusciousness of its women as a reason to visit is further evidence that it should enjoy no divinely ordained status in the eyes of Christians. Michael Potemra and Ramesh Ponnuru at the Corner disagree and agree, respectively. One of the many virtues of atheism is that I don’t have to care in the slightest and can simply enjoy the ads for what they are: among the most scintillatingly compelling tourist pitches you’ll ever see. “Israel: You’ll Risk It For This.”

The first clip is Sky News’s report on the Israeli T&A PR offensive, the second is the infamous “Holy Land” ad (which wasn’t produced by the Israeli government and has been around for upwards of a year, I believe). The language is a tad garlicky so take care.

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