"Rendition" an atomic bomb at the box office

Ninth place on opening weekend, just behind a 3D re-release of a film that’s 15 years old and was showing in one-quarter the number of theaters. Actually, I shouldn’t say “just behind”: TNBC’s box office was almost 20% better than Rendition’s. Us magazine wonders where it all went wrong. Granted, some of the reviews suggested the film was the cinematic equivalent of its subject matter, but Reese Witherspoon’s likable enough and Gyllenhaal’s got oodles of social-consciousness cred from Brokeback Mountain. You’d think the left would be willing to suffer a little torture for the cause and watch them emote their way to anti-war nirvana.

I’m sure it’ll do gangbusters business overseas. The test of whether this is a fluke or indicative of some larger annoyance with Hollywood’s mindlessly conformist, endlessly predictable politics is coming soon. Can America resist the siren song of Cruise?

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